Who We Are


MasterTrax Productions is about creating a relaxed and creative, yet professional and efficient environment to work in.  We give our clients maximum flexibility from project to project because of our network of studios.  The demands of a project typically dictate where we record, depending on its equipment needs, ambiance, genre, complexity, and geographic preferences.  With our state-of-the-art technology, we're able to conduct real-time recording sessions with talent from virtually anywhere; Los Angeles, Nashville, London, Sydney, New York... Anywhere.  Also, MasterTrax Productions has long-standing relationships with world-class talent all over the world.


A Word About Equipment (78 words, actually.)


Equipment matters.  You can't do world-class audio production without state-of-the-art equipment - not to mention state-of-the-art clichés.  But technology is a commodity - though a constantly evolving one.  MasterTrax Productions keeps abreast of the latest and greatest and invests in the tried and true.  Specialty equipment is available for lease or rent, so there's no need to tie up valuable capital in hardware and facilities when they're sitting idle and empty right across town.


With A Name Like LeMaster...


MasterTrax Productions was founded by Will LeMaster, a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer.  Will has worked with Tony, Oscar, and Grammy Award-winning artists and producers across a wide range of projects.  He's had a hand in every aspect of audio production, from environmental acoustics and studio design to recording and mixing.  Will has extensive experience in the music industry, as well as the wider world of corporate production, and he enjoys helping clients develop new forms of creative expressions in whatever genre they're working.